🌷 Welcome to First Edition of THE FLOW

Wed, Apr 15, 2020 9:00 AM


We celebrated our first birthday on April 11 and many are curious about what’s been going on behind 1855's closed doors since our 2019 launch. With one full year officially under our belt, we have so much to be grateful for and lots to tell. We're pleased to bring you THE FLOW, a publication created to shed light on newsworthy happenings with 1855 companies, deals in motion, and exciting things in the works. Given the current closure of 1855's facility in response to COVID-19, we felt it was a good time to 'spring' our first newsletter into action for those who want to be in the loop. Since we could all use a little good news right now, we hope you'll take a moment to get acquainted with 1855. In this pilot edition, you'll learn the story of how 1855 began, those who have joined our journey so far, the direction we're heading, and the impact we want to make in the regional tech and innovation ecosystem. Welcome to THE FLOW.


1855 has made its home in the former provincial Land Registry Office, a heritage site dating back to 1873. Many years after the Region outgrew the space, the building was purchased by the Town of Whitby as part of the vision of the late Peter LeBel, Commissioner for the Town of Whitby. His goal was to create a budding Innovation District in downtown Whitby, as an integral part of the tech and innovation ecosystem in the Region.

Peter aligned with industry leader Jason Atkins, CEO of Durham's largest technology company, to create 1855. The Town of Whitby made a substantial investment to retrofit this historical facility, a private-public partnership was formed, and 1855 was established. "The rest", as they say, "is history."


A strategic initiative that began with the Town of Whitby and the CEO of 360insights to fill a defined gap that existed within the innovation ecosystem in the Durham Region, 1855's vision is to provide support for established high-potential tech and innovation companies to accelerate growth and land in the community as a thriving operation. GROWTH LIVES HERE.


"1855 provides a long-awaited invaluable service to tech entrepreneurs. Seeing how far we’ve come, I believe 1855 is off to a great start. We have a strong board at the helm and the right leadership in place. Tech companies reach out to me all the time looking for guidance, asking where to go, what to do next, how to advance. As we turn the page on our founding year, we strive to be the place innovators think of when needing next-level support.
To those entrepreneurs, THIS IS FOR YOU." (Jason Atkins, Chair, 1855 Board)

Left to right:
Jason Atkins - CEO, 360insights
Jeff Quipp - Founder & CEO, Search Engine People Inc.
Brion Hendry - Partner, Assurance & Accounting Leader- GTA, BDO Canada
David Lahey - Founder, Predictive Success Corp.
Peter Dillon - Technology, Privacy, & Franchise Lawyer, Siskinds Law Firm
Matthew Gaskell - CAO, Town of Whitby


1855 takes a boutique approach to the delivery of accelerated programming, ensuring the individual goals of each company are met. Our tech entrepreneurs have robust aspirations and come with a willingness to participate in growth-focused curriculum. In addition, 1855 provides a white-glove member experience with access to a creative working environment, capital, top tech talent, strategic connections, and mentorship. Program content spans areas such as advanced sales and marketing, stakeholder communications, growth consulting, executive mentorship, IP/trademark protection, AI, client and investor presentation readiness, talent optimization and acquisition, financial modelling, R & D, cyber security protocols, and much more.


These rising tech companies have planted their flag at 1855 as their headquarters, their classroom, and their frontlines. To learn more about these member companies, click on the logos below.


1855 has built a financially sustainable business model. Operational costs are offset by the rental revenue from member companies and community groups. Accelerated programming is solely funded through strategic investing partners. 100% of 1855’s partners believe in our vision and play a role in the journey of growth for our emerging tech community.

UP & COMING @ 1855

Mentorship is fundamental to any company in the trenches of acceleration. In September of 2019,  we launched 1855 MASTERCLASS in partnership with Durham Region Economic Development, as an exclusive speaker series showcasing "mastery" in thought leadership. Designed to inspire, empower, and equip our business community with strategies and tools to achieve growth, these sessions have captured best-in-class talent and attention since inception. View the 1855 MASTERCLASS portfolio and past episodes  here.


siberXchange Live is an online summit that will recreate the in-person conference experience across a virtual ecosystem. As COVID-19 has displaced numerous businesses and communities, this is a smarter and safer avenue to connect experts with the businesses and communities that need their services. 1855 MASTERCLASS will be one of many sessions presented during this digital event experience taking place on May 28-29, 2020.  Details unfolding daily.

Visit here to secure your spot and stay informed. 


Award-Winning entrepreneur and advisor, John Warrillow, Founder of The Value Builder System™, has spent 20+ years helping SMB's level the playing field as they approach their exit. John has four successful exits and was ranked by Forbes Magazine as having one of the world’s best podcasts for business owners. Join us on June 24 for an exclusive live stream of 1855 MASTERCLASS where John will share strategies on cutting expenses and how to re-invent your business in this new and unchartered territory.

Register here and you will also receive a copy of John Warrillow's most recent e-book following the show.


It’s April. I’m fairly certain this is NOT how we intended our new decade to unfold. Many might even welcome a 2020 reboot. As this new climate of COVID-19 unfolds, the experience teaches new things daily. Leading an organization that supports 15 companies and 80+ employees, I’ve shifted priorities to ensure the continuance of 1855’s operations and the expansion of member services. We are focused on delivering real-time information and resources. We migrated meetings and programs to online platforms. We implemented weekly team huddles as a wellness check, for a continued sense of community despite isolation, to assist with challenges, and to provide tools and strategies to maintain operations.

There are exciting initiatives coming down the pipeline to keep elevating partnerships and members, and we invite you to follow our efforts. 1855 just turned one and there are many milestone achievements we could be celebrating. I prefer to save them for a time down the road when we can all come together, eat cake, and share all that we've learned.

Here is what we're celebrating today. Our small and mighty membership community is physically well from the effects of the virus and are in great spirits all around. We are becoming experts in navigating change. We are resilient and adaptive under pressure. We are fast to pivot and faster to encourage our peers who walk beside us. We are home with our families and still have the technology to stay connected and work through this together. I believe there is much to be grateful for. And today, that is enough.

Stay well and be kind,
Stephanie Mann, CEO, 1855